Hurricane Hermine, Slams Tampa Bay, FL – 9/1-9/2/2016

Early morning shots of heavy bands or Hurricane Hermine coming into Clearwater Beach and Madeira Beach in Pinellas County with high winds, heavy rain, power lines arcing. Morning daylight shots of continuing wind and flooding around the Tampa Bay area. Aftermath shots of fallen trees on houses & power lines, and minor damage around the Tampa Bay area.
Shot Description

*** Clearwater Beach ***
1) Heavy squall comes into Clearwater Beach in the early morning with wind driven rain and lighting.
2) Palm trees in high wind and big lightning flash.
3) Power lines arcing in wind and rain.
4) Power lines arching in wind and rain.
5) Palms in blinding wind driven rain.
6) Beach parking lot with wind driven rain.
7,8) Trash can knocked over in wind.
9) Stop sign torques in wind with lightning flash in Madeira Beach.
10) Moped knocked over from wind.
11) Wind blowing water from gutter horizontal on Ana Maria Island.
12-15) Four shots of heavy wind blowing trees on Ana Maria Island.
16-18) Three shots of palm tree fallen on house on Lido Key.
19-20) Two shots of large fallen tree laying on power lines and blocking road in SW Pinellas County.
21) Beach rental shack with shingles curled up from high winds.
22) Outdoor dining table umbrellas destroyed.
23) Loose CATV gear dangling from utility pole.
24) Low angle gopro of sea foam blowing over camera head on Ana Maria Island, Mantee County.
25,26) Residential roads flooded with barricades knocked down from winds.
27) Van parked in flooded drive way.
28,29) High water on bay docks.