Hurricane Hermine Extreme Overnight Storm Surge, Horseshoe Beach, FL – 9/1/2016

Dramatic footage of huge storm surge rushing over town of Horseshoe Beach, FL with vehicles & pedestrians moving through high winds & storm surge as Hurricane Hermine moves into coast.

All footage shot in Horseshoe Beach, FL on September 1, 2016 during evening darkness by Simon Brewer
Shot Description

1-2. Various shots of flooded neighborhood by rising storm surge

3. shot of man wading through rushing storm surge in front of vehicle with high winds pushing him

4-6. various shots of deep storm surge rushing into town of Horseshoe Beach

7. shot of three men wading through rising storm surge with high winds blasting them

8-11. shots of vehicles driving through dangerous rising storm surge

12-13. storm surge flowing around buildings in Horseshoe Beach

14. shot of truck navigating rising storm surge in town of Horseshoe Beach

15-19. various shots of waves & storm surge rushing over neighborhood

20-23. Various shots of high winds blowing trees & signs in Horseshoe Beach as Hermine gets closer