Northwest Minnesota Funnel Cloud And Damaging Hail – 8/27/2016

Large Cone Funnel Cloud as well as Prolific Damaging Hail Storm doing severe Farm Crop damage and turning the August Summer landscape to Winter with one foot deep Hail drifts and Glare Ice Hail covered white roadways and ground!
Shot Description

1. Supercell Thunderstorm rapidly developing on the North Dakota/Minnesota border near Whapeton ND.

2. Large Cone Funnel Cloud develops in front of the camera but does not touch down to the ground.

3. Wall Cloud with significant roatation low hanging to the ground.

4. Large Golfball anf larger Hail pounding the vehicle and bouncing on the ground and damaging farm corn crops as it happens!

5. High Winds and large hail stones destroy Farm crops falling intensely.

6-8. 1 foot deep hail drifts in the shoulder and ditch of a state highway with 4 inch deep hail ice covering the whole roadway making for dangerous glare ice winter like travel conditions shortly after the intense hail core passes!

9. Large Wall Cloud with hail falling in the shot!

10. Driving in large Hail POV.

11-13. Vivid intense Hail Rainbow developed in a large Hail Storm just a few seconds after large 1.75" stones stop falling!