Florida Keys Storms, Wind, Rain & Lightning – 8/27/2016

Winds and stormy conditions on the rise as 99L approaches the Florida Keys. Includes regular and timelapse footage from Marathon and Key West Florida in the Florida Keys.
Shot Description

** Begin shots from Key West **
1) CG lightning bolt into water off Mallory Square in Key West in heavy rain, thunder rolls.
2) Lightning flash from close hit with very loud thunder setting off car alarms.
3) Lightning flash in heavy rain at Mallory Square, thunder rolls.
4) Boat passing in very heavy wind driven rain off Mallory Square in Key West.
5) Timelapse showing the heavy rains passing through Mallory Square over the afternoon.
** Begin shots from Marathon Key. **
6) Towering cumulus over water looking east towards approaching 99L.
7) Wind socks blows horizontal at a ocean side dock as winds increasing.
8) Tee tops in wind.
9) Palm trees among power poll transformers in wind.
10,11,12) Palm trees in increasing winds with Atlantic Ocean behind.
13) Storms towering off Marathon over Atlantic ocean.
14) Storm cloud line with funnel trying to form.
15) Boat racing along shore in choppy conditions.
16) Storm offshore with rain foot.
17) Timelapse from Marathon looking east as winds increase from the east as seen on the ocean surface wave action.