Murphysboro, IL Big Muddy Moderate Flooding – 8/19/2016

The Big Muddy River crested in Moderate Flood Stage on Friday with a measurement of 28.9'. The river has seen rapid rises since early this week thanks to over a foot of water than had fallen in rains between Saturday and Monday. The river is expected to remain at high levels through the weekend before falling into next week. However, there are concerns that the river could rise even higher due to more rains expected in the region tomorrow.
Shot Description

Package opens with shot of Big Muddy River sign over the Rt 127 bridge in Murphysboro, transitioning to barricaded roads closed down due to flood waters. Various shots of the overflowing river in a nearby Murphysboro park, then roads along 3rd and 4th street. Ends with shots of the river.