Marathon, FL heavy rain and time-lapes – 8/13/2016

Heavy tropical rain storms rolled through the middle Florida Keys today with some impressive wind driven rain. Includes timelapse and regular footage of the event from our remote controlled tower camera in Marathon Florida. Note this footage has no audio.
Shot Description

1) 42 seconds of time-lapse footage showing the storm moving in from the east to west as boats scurry to get off the water. Storm hits with blinding horizontal wind driven rain.
Normal speed clips begin at timecode 0:42
2) Storm with large rain foot over ocean offshore Marathon FL.
3) Storm approaching closer with fishing boat attempting to return to safe harbor.
4) Storm hitting with wind driven rain blowing rain drops horizontal across the camera lens.
5) Trees bending in blinding horizontal wind driven rain. (looks like a hurricane.)
6) Wide shot of shoreline palms in wind driven rain.
7) Fishing boat returning to safe harbor during storm.
8) Med shot of palm trees along water in rain/wind.
9) Wide shot of coastal properties with ocean behind in stormy conditions.