Carterville, IL Morning Flash Flooding – 8/13/2016

Several days of torrential rains are expected across southern IL, southeast MO, southern IN, and western KY where FLASH FLOOD WATCHES are currently posted through Monday evening. The first round of many has already impacted the region with doppler estimates of upwards of 4-inches within a couple hours. Several roads in Carterville were temporarily closed due to flood waters while many homes were cutoff or surrounded by water, with several garages and basements taking flooding. Flood waters receded a bit as the main line sagged slowly south, but more rain is expected in the coming days.
Shot Description

Scene 1: POV driving shot through a flooded street with manhole cover that came loose in the water.

Scene 2-3: POV driving shot of another flooded road with several vehicles driving through.

Scene 4: Panning shot of a flooded creek that impacted a residential garage in Carterville.

Scene 5: Panning shot looking in the garage of the flood waters.

Scene 6: POV walking shot through flooded garage with resident walking on camera (no face).

Scene 7: Flood waters up to homes in Carterville.

Scene 8: A flooded neighborhood street in Carterville.

Scene 9: Flood waters in a yard.

Scene 10: Cars driving past unheaved manhole cover in flood waters Carterville.

Scene 11-13: Tight, medium, and wide shot of a vehicle stopping at the flooded street and backing away. Final shot showing the flood waters over the road and in adjacent yards.

Scene 14: SUV driving around manhole cover in flood waters.

Scene 15: Wide shot of oncoming van driving through street flooding.

Scene 16: Car driving through flowing waters over a road.

Scene 17-18: Traffic navigating the flooded road where the manhole cover came off.

Scene 19: Red car passing barricade and going through street flooding.

Scene 20-21: Traffic driving through street flooding.

Scene 22: Shot of water rushing over a road.

Scene 23: Shot of water cramming into drain on side of the road.