Barron County, WI Tornado Warned Storm & Flooding – 7/27/2016

This video package shows a tornado warned storm. Shows a wall cloud getting its act going, but not good enough for a tornado, near Cumberland WI. More thunderstorms with heavy rain produced flooding in Rice Lake WI. The end of the video shows that.
Shot Description

Clip 1. Shows a deformed looking wall cloud.
Clip 2. The wall cloud slowly trying to get it's act going.
Clip 3. Wall cloud slowly starting to rotate.
Clip 4. Better rotation with the wall cloud.
Clip 5. A closer view of the wall cloud.
Clip 6-7. More rotation to the wall cloud.
Clip 8. The wall cloud weakening.
Clip 9. Wall cloud trying to reform, but never did.
Clip 10. Police trying to slow down the traffic in the flooded area of Rice Lake.
Clip 11 -14. Shows traffic driving through the flooded street in Rice Lake.