Twin Cities Severe Flash Flooding – 7/27/2016

"BREAKING SEVERE FLOOD FOOTAGE" From the Northern Minneapolis/St.Paul Metro area right as intense severe thunderstorms dump intense 2-4" rainfall and hail on the area in a very short time frame and just as the evening rush hour commute got underway stranding motorists and submerging cars up to the mirrors in deep flood waters!
Shot Description

1. St.Paul motorists nearly flooding out their vehicles in deep rushing flood waters gathering over a twin cities highway during the start of the evening commute!

2. Cars quickly begin to flood up to the doors in St.Paul with intense rainfall!

3. A person rolls up their pants and attempts to walk through Flood Waters Knee Deep to move their vehicle to higher ground!

4. A local Roseville Minnesota creek overflowing its banks and out onto a major roadway creating a dangerous situation with fast rushing waters over the roadway and becoming deep fast!

5. A vehicle submerged in severely deep rising flood waters up over its mirrors and doors stalled out in a dangerous situation as emergency workers arrive on the scene as the intense rain falls!

6. Deeply submerged car with police in the scene with water 5 feet deep over a large portion of the roadway in St.Paul Minnesota.

7. Multiple vehicles submerged in water and stalled out needing rescue just as the Police,Fire and ambulance arrive on the scene to rescue!

8. Emergency vehicles on a flooding scene assist at need motorists.

9-13 Cars and trucks struggle to drive through deep flood waters in Falcon Heights Minnesota.

14. Intense rainfall and lightning and thunder in Roseville Minnesota as water gets deeper.