Litchfield, MN Damaging Tornado and Extreme aftermath – 7/11/2016

Breaking Video Footage of the Violent Litchfield Minnesota Tornado as it was passing through the town and from the live damage path as the Tornado is on the ground and moving away from the camera with damage in the scene, Also video of another Tornado Entering St.Cloud Minnesota!
Shot Description

1. White Cone Tornado right over the city of Litchfield as it was damaging Houses anf lofting debris.

2. Tornado dances and twists and lofts debris as it moves away from the camera and damage path in the scene.

3. Emergency vehicles do search and rescue in damage houses and a barn wiped clean from its slate.

4. A home with a water main break sending water 20 feet into the air while sirens in town are sounding!

5. Massive rotating wall cloud with Funnel approaching Litchfield MN.

6. Litchfield City Sign with Tornado damage in the same shot with cars and bystanders and tornado damage.

7. Driving shot toward the tornado producing storm.

8. 2nd Tornado on ground just southwest of St.Cloud Minnesota and approaching Town with sirens sounding.

9. Dark black lowering with Funnel Cloud over downtown St.Cloud MN and sirens and people going to shelter.