Ortonville, MN Sewer System Failed Due To Severe Flooding – 7/11/2016

The city sewer system has failed do to heavy rain over the past several days. Breaking Video Footage of the Significant Widespread Urban and Overland Flash Flooding that is occurring this morning in the Ortonville Minnesota area of far West Central Minnesota!
Shot Description

1. City of Ortonville just as the city declared the city's sewer water system and pumping stations have failed! City Workers move fast to hook up pumps and hoses with the local Fire Department!

2. Ortonville Minnesota Water Pumping House where it has been overwhelmed by the rising flood waters and stopped working, Footage of heavy water pumps pumping it out!

3. 4 feet of water in a standing corn field near Ortonville MN.

4. A hay bale washed away and floating in 3 feet of water in an overflown ditch.

5. POV of multiple hay bales and flooded out farm crops near Clinton MN.

6. Heavy Water Pumps in the front of an Ortonville city resident house pumping out water.

7. Dark Storm Clouds over the city of Ortonville with Flood Waters.