Massac County IL Severe Storm Damage Clean Up – 7/6/2016

Clean-up continued across Massac County, Illinois after an early afternoon round of storms hammered the region. Video package shot in the late afternoon/early evening hours as crews arrived on scene to start clearing the debris left behind by straight line winds and an unconfirmed tornado.
Shot Description

Scenes 1-5: A Metropolis Superman standing on the roof of a car smashed under a massive tree chainsaws the tree to get it off the car.

Scene 6: Close shot of smashed car under tree.

Scene 7: Shot of front of car smashed under tree.

Scene 8-9: Shots of inside of car with roof crushed nearly to seats.

Scene 10-16: Shots of crews clearing trees from powerlines that snapped several power poles, knocking out power to most of the town.

Scene 17-20: Shots of lifters taking tree debris from roads.

Scene 21-22: Shot of workers removing down power lines.

Scene 23: Shot of a crosswalk sign crushed beneath tree.

Scene 24: Shot of tree smashing front end of home.

Scene 25: Shot looking down street of down trees and power lines.

Scene 26: A Massac County business with its roof completely gone.

Scene 27: Down sign on US-45 in Massac County.

Scene 28: Part of a roof in a parking lot near the interstate in Massac County.

Scene 29: Damage to a gas station roof near the interstate in Massac County.

Scene 30: Cops directing traffic at an intersection with no power to traffic lights.

Scene 31: Shots of dark intersection with traffic.

Scene 32: Tight shot of traffic light with no power.

Scene 33-34: Shot of a traffic light damaged and hanging by its wiring.

Scene 35: Shot of interstate sign bent over.

Scene 36-37: Humorous shots of Superman and Wonder Woman tourist traps with no heads, meaning they lost their heads with how powerful the storm was (Metropolis)