Carbondale, IL Overnight Flash Flooding – 7/7/2016

After an incredible day of storms across southern Illinois, a nighttime round of training storms dumped 3-4 inches of rain leading to flash flood warnings all over the region. Flooding was reported all along the Route 13 corridor from Murphysboro to Harrisburg with many vehicle stalled out in high waters. Video package taken along Route 13 in central Carbondale which was closed for only the second time in the last 10 years due to flooding. Carbondale reported 4.26" inches of rain for July 6, which does not include the rainfall after midnight.
Shot Description

Scene 1-2: Establishing shots of Carbondale police blocking off Route 13 at Wall Street in Carbondale.

Scene 3: White vehicle driving through flood waters passed a police truck.

Scene 4: Route 13 sign with stalled car behind it.

Scene 5: Closer shot of stalled car in high waters.

Scene 6: Gas truck driving through Route 13 flooding passed the stalled car in the road.

Scene 7: Closer shot as gas truck gets through flood waters.

Scene 8: Black car driving into flood waters, changes his mind and stopped in the water.

Scene 9: White car driving through flood waters, then previous black car crossed directly behind it.

Scene 10: Car flipping a u-turn in the flood waters.

Scene 11: Oncoming white SUV driving through flood waters.

Scene 12: White SUV driving through flooded intersection.

Scene 13: Car turns the wrong way up Route 13 to avoid flood waters.

Scene 14: Man walking through flood waters on Wall Street.

Scene 15: Overflowing manhole.

Scene 16: Overflowing manhole with Carbondale police in background.

Scene 17: Wide shot looking down Wall Street at police car.