Regent, ND Damaging Storms And Flooding – 6/21/2016

Video of Real-Time Flash Flooding in downtown Regent along with Tennis Ball and Golf Ball Sized Hail Stones,Broken Windows,Emergency Responders in town as well as a massive Wall Cloud and Lowering Near Town!
Shot Description

1. Large rotating Lowering west of Regent North Dakota.

2. 1.75" – 2.50" diameter Large hail stones next to Skywarn Golf Ball near Regent.

3. Windows broken out of Houses in Regent with falling Glass.

4. Falling Glass and Large Hail stones in the same shot together in Regent.

5. Car driving through Flash Flood in Regent with Shattering Glass sounds in Background Audio as windows cave in houses in town!

6. Car with Massive Hail Damage and debis on top!

7-10. Serious Flash Flooding in Regent with 3 feet of Rushing Water flowing down city streets under flood warning!

11. Fire trucks race to close off city streets in the flash flood event in town.

12-16. Vivid Lightning strikes and Mothership rotating storm structure of the severe damaging Supercell storm as it leaves east of town near Regent North Dakota!