Sarasota FL Heavy Holiday Rain B-Roll 5/28/2016

What started off as a sunny hot holiday weekend in SW Florida turned into one with unexpected slow moving storms which dumped heavy rain disrupting travel and holiday weekend plans.

Shot list:

1)  Family leaves big box home improvement store with make-shift paper umbrellas on their heads in heavy down pour.
2)  Orange shopping carts in rain.
3)  Down spout in store parking lots spews rain water.
4)  SUV tire of parked vehicle in very heavy rain.
5)  Palm tree and tile roof in heavy rain.
6)  POV driving south on I75 towards Venice entering low vis heavy rain.
7,8)  Traffic on I75 Sarasota County with 100 yard visibility in extremely heaving rain.
9)  Tree tops in heavy rain.
10,11)   Shots of traffic splashing through puddles on rural road.
12) Shot of pygmy date palm in subdivision in heavy rain.
13) Parked SUV in heavy rain.
14) Trees in heavy rain.
15) FL home and palm in heavy rain.
16) Pool deck, umbrella and patio table in down pouring rain.
17)  Tight umbrella shot in down pouring rain.
18) Pool side patio table and chains in heavy rain.
19, 20)   Rain water pouring off tile roofs.