Barron County, WI Thunder Storm 5/28/2016

Strong thunderstorms moved across Barron County WI this late afternoon and early evening. The storm did produced a shelf cloud then a rotating wall cloud with a pencil funnel cloud. The storm also produced street flooding in the city of Rice Lake.
Clip 1. Panning across the shelf cloud.
Clip 2-4. Pencil funnel cloud forming.
Clip 5. Rotating wall cloud after the funnel cloud dissipated. Barron County Sheriff\'s deputy driving into the core of the storm.
Clip 6. Heavy rain falling on the South side of the city of Rice Lake WI.
Clip 7. Water bubbling out of a main hole cover with a whirlpool.
Clip 8. Closer look at the whirlpool.
Clip 9-10. Vehicles driving through a flooded street.
Clip 11. Closer view of a car driving through the street flooding.