Hollis, OK Intense Lightning & Supercell footage – 05/13/2016

Footage of INTENSE BARRAGE of lightning from severe supercell thunderstorm near Hollis, OK. Also TIMELAPSE of rotating supercell thunderstorm, footage of wall cloud, structure, hail, blowing dust, and traffic in heavy rain and high winds.

All footage shot by Simon Brewer in/near Hollis, OK during afternoon daylight on May 13, 2016.

Shot List:

1. multiple quick shots of intense lighting barrage around Hollis, OK

2. SLOW MOTION multiple shots of intense lighting around Hollis, OK

3. TIMELAPSE of rotating supercell thunderstorm approaching Hollis, OK

4-16. various shots of ground-scraping wall cloud, blowing dust, updraft (most shots include lighting bolts) from supercell thunderstorm over Hollis, OK

17 & 18. shots of hail falling and hitting highway near Hollis, OK

19. pushed-in shot of traffic on highway in heavy rain and high winds near Hollis, OK