Troy, MO Severe Lightning – 5/11/2016

Amazing footage of dramatic frequent lightning and huge shelf cloud from severe thunderstorm in Troy, MO. Severe thunderstorms hammer Missouri on 5th consecutive day of severe weather over the Central United States.

All footage shot by Simon Brewer on May 11, 2016 during evening daylight in/near Troy, MO.

Shot List:

1. Shot of wall cloud with lightning strike underneath in Troy, MO

2-20. multiple shots of frequent close dramatic lightning over Troy, MO

21-25. SLOW MOTION SHOTS of dramatic lightning from severe thunderstorm over Troy, MO

26. POV driving shot of lightning strike from severe thunderstorm over Troy, MO

27-29. Various shots of dramatic shelf cloud bearing down on Troy, MO

30. pushed-in shot of non-rotating wall cloud near Troy, MO

31-35. various shots of severe storm moving over Troy, MO

36. pushed-in shot of heavy rain with lightning flashes next to street light

37. pushed-in shot of police car and man running through heavy downpour from severe thunderstorm near Troy, MO

38. pushed-in shot of rain falling and splashing on pavement

39. pushed-in shot of trees blowing in wind with heavy rain