Sarasota, FL extreme flooding on US41 – 5/4/2016

Severe road flooding on US41 in Sarasota Florida from training thunderstorms that dumped relentless rains over the area this morning.

Shot List:
1) Stalled out car in flood water on US41 with very heavy rain falling.
2-10) Nine varied shots of vehicles in flood waters on US41 in heavy rain.
11) Close shot of stalled car in flood waters then pan to flooded US41.
12) Another flood/traffic shot.
13-15) Three more varied shots of stalled car in flooded US41.
16) POV dashcam driving south on US41 showing flooded north bound lane on left.
17) Storm drain overwhelmed and bubbling up.
18,19) Traffic spashing on flooding Osprey Avenue.
20) Storm drain on Osprey Ave with heavy run-off flow.
21,22,23) POV dash cam showing intense heavy rain on I75 in Sarasota and Mantee county earlier in morning bringing interstate traffic to 20mph speeds.