Rice Lake, WI Thunderstorm & Rainbow 5/3/2016

Non severe thunderstorm blew up across Northwestern WI late this afternoon. The cell I was on did produce on good looking rainbow and a partial double rainbow.
Clip 1. Looking East Southeast at the thunderstorm cell. Did get some cc lightning at the end of the clip.
Clip 2-3. Looking at the same thunderstorm different views with thunder.
Clip 4. Looking towards the West at the Crepuscular rays.
Clip 5. Close up shot of a part of a rainbow.
Clip 6. Close up shot of the same rainbow, with another one forming.
Clip 7. Panning the camera along the rainbow.
Clip 8. Wide shot of the same rainbow.
Clip 9. Watching part of the rainbow getting brighter.
Clip 10-11 Watching the part of both rainbows slowing fading away.
Clip 12. Panning the camera showing multi storm cells to my Southeast through Southwest.