Ninnekah, OK Tornado and Damage – 4/29/2016

Footage of large multivortex tornado and damage in Ninnekah, OK. Footage of destroyed barns, outbuildings, downed utility lines, and trees.
Footage of hail falling and street flooding from heavy storms.

All footage shot during afternoon daylight of April 29, 2016 in and near Ninnekah, Oklahoma.

Shot List:

1-5. various shots of destroyed buildings from tornado in Ninnekah, OK

6. POV driving shot of many emergency vehicles near Ninnekah, OK assisting storm related accident

7. pushed-in shot of large tree down over road making road impassible from tornado in Ninnekah, OK

8. pushed-in shot of tree snapped from tornado

9-13. various shots of downed powerlines over roadway and next to cows from large tornado in Ninnekah, OK; a 0.7 mile stretch of powerlines were snapped from the large tornado

14-17. various shots of the large multivortex tornado developing and moving toward Ninnekah, OK

18-21. various shots of ominous tornadic supercell near Ninnekah, OK

22. pushed-in shot of hail hitting ground and splashing in puddles near Ninnekah, OK

23. pushed-in shot of large hailstone next to quarter in hand

24-26. various shots of cars driving through partially flooded roads