Lawton, OK Street Flooding – 4-29-2016

Severe storms ravaged Oklahoma and Texas on Friday spawning tornadoes, often rain-wrapped, large hail, high winds, and flooding rains. Two supercells in Oklahoma were responsible for most of that state's isues as they trekked along I-44 into the extreme southern parts of the OKC Metro area. One produced several hard to see tornadoes while the other left hail and flooding behind.

Scene 1-3: POV driving shots in blinding RFD-driven rain just south of the reported tornado near Elgin. Tornado was within a mile as winds of nearly 80mph blow. Third shot passing fire truck after RFD subsided. Chaser retreated south out of storm for reasons of safety.


The supercell to the south of the tornado-producer moved into Lawton with severe hail and rains the flooded streets in town.

Scene 4-5: POV driving shots in Lawton with water starting to fill roads.

Scene 6: Severe hail up to 1.25-inch falling in grass.

Scene 7-8: Cars taking cover at a gas station during hail.

Scene 9: Vehicle turns through street flooding.

Scene 10: POV driving shot of a Lawton road looking like a small river.

Scene 11-20: Various shots of cars driving through street flooding in town.

Scene 21-26: SPRINGER, OKLAHOMA shelf cloud and whale's mouth shots as the line of storms hits I-35 south of OKC early evening.