Vivid Video of the Mothership Supercell over Gould, OK

Footage of amazing supercell looking like a massive alien mothership!
Footage of huge plumes of dirt kicked up into storm, hail falling, rainbow and timelapse

All footage shot during evening daylight on April 28, 2016 near Gould, OK.

Shot list:

1. shot of "flying saucer" mesocyclone behind abandoned Oklahoma home near Gould, OK

2. POV driving shot of "flying saucer" looking mesocyclone near Gould OK

3 & 4. wide shots of "alien mothership" looking supercell mesocyclone near Gould OK

5. TIMELAPSE of "mothership" supercell near Gould OK

6. pushed-in shot of hail falling and shattering on road near Gould OK

7. pushed-in shot of massive plume of dirt sucked into supercell thunderstorm

8 & 9. POV driving shots of massive supercell bearing down on small Oklahoma town of Hollis

10-12. wide shots of massive supercell approaching Gould OK

13. POV driving shot of rainbow with supercell in background

14. POV driving shot of mesocyclone next to road near Gould OK