New Richmond, WI Late Dusting of Snow 4-28-2016

Winter still trying to hold on to Western WI this morning, as rain mixed and changed over to snow for a time. This video package was shot near New Richmond WI this morning.
Clip 1. Falling snow with green grass and trees.
Clip 2. Snow falling with a parked car. Green grass and tress in the background.
Clip 3. Falling snow with green grass.
Clip 4. Snow falling with green grass and pine trees.
Clip 5 through 6. Driving on highway 63 with snow falling.
Clip 7. Falling snow with cars driving through the shot on Highway 64.
Clip 8. Highway signs with snow falling.
Clip 9. Looking at a car tire with snow falling.
Clip 10. Snow falling along 64.