Multiple Tornadoes from Creston, Iowa – 4/27/2016

Footage of several tornadoes near Creston and Bedford, Iowa. Shots of high wind damage, a dramatic lightning strike, and hail-covered roadway.
This was considered a coldcore tornado outbreak across Iowa, Nebraska and Missouri. A coldcore tornado outbreak involves an upper-level low pressure with very cold temperatures aloft.

All footage shot during afternoon daylight on April 27, 2016 near Creston and Bedford, Iowa.

Shot List:

1. Shot of two tornadoes, one a large multivortex, near Creston, IA

2. Shot of a large multivortex tornado approaching Creston, IA

3 & 4. Driving POV shots of a cone tornado near Bedford, IA

5. pushed-in shot of 2 tornadoes, a larger parent cone tornado with a satellite rope tornado, near Bedford, IA

6. TIMELAPSE of 2 tornadoes down near Bedford, IA

7. shot of 2 tornadoes near Bedford, IA

8 & 9. TIMELAPSES of cone funnel cloud with wall cloud near Bedford, IA

10. POV shot of a large cone tornado next to road near Bedford, IA

11. shot of damaged trampoline tossed next to highway from a neighborhood in Creston, IA

12. shot of a snapped mature cedar tree south of Creston IA (possible tornado or RFD wind damage)

13 & 14. shot of dramatic lightning strike & "slow motion shot" from tornadic supercell near Creston, IA

15. POV driving shot of hail-covered road near Creston, IA