Texas County, OK – Epic Stovepipe Tornado Video – 4/15/2016

Two tornadoes touched down in the Oklahoma Panhandle south of the town of Eva shortly before dark, knocking down telephone lines, but fortunately missing any major towns.

Video package shot in Texas County in the state of Oklahoma.

Scene 1: White stovepipe tornado develops and forms in the fields south of Eva (approximately 7 miles southwest).

Scene 2: Bowl funnel after the tornado lifted.

Scene 3: POV driving shot of an elephant trunk tornado that forms on CR-49 approximately 9 miles southwest of Eva, Oklahoma while chaser drives on muddy wet road.

Scene 4: Wide shot of the tornadic supercell near Eva, Oklahoma.

Scene 5: POV driving shot in RFD with a telephone pole leaning over US-64.

Scene 6-8: Shots of funnel and wall cloud on the storm before the tornado forms.