Dalhart, TX Slammed by Golfball Sized Hail 4/15/2016

A tornado-warned storm moved right over the city of Dalhart, Texas dropping hail reported up to 2.50\" in diameter. Video shot right in the heart of town as golfball to 2-inch hail came down along with street flooding as the hail rained down.

This storm was part of the same system that dropped a tornado in Colorado and will lead to a massive snowstorm across that state. Areas to the south will see a multi-day stretch of severe weather like this, including the potential for more hail and even tornadoes.

Scene 1-2: Establishing shots as the storm was ongoing of Dalhart city signs.

Scene 3: Wide shot of gas station as golfball hail is falling and cars are taking shelter.

Scene 4: Tight shot of cars under gas station.

Scene 5-6: Cool shots of cars driving through street flooding as golfball hail rains down and splashes in the water.

Scene 7: Wide shot of flooded intersection during storm as golfballs bounce in the grass lower right.

Scene 8: Shot looking at ground as hailstones fall.

Scene 9: Hailstones bouncing in the grass with many stones already covering the ground.

Scene 10: Tight shot of hailstones slamming into street flooding.

Scene 11: High end cars, including a Jaguar, sheltered under a structure during the storm.

Scene 12: Long shot of traffic navigating flooded roads during the hail storm.

Scene 13: Red pickup driving fast through flooded intersection.

Scene 14: Leaf-covered car turns through flooded road.

Scene 15: Hailstones up to 2-inches in hand.

Scene 16: Shot of a single 2-inch hailstone in hand.

Scene 17: Panning shot of hail-covered ground.