Blowing Snows Across Northwest WI – 4/2/2016

Winter is still much alive in Northwestern WI. This system brought the Rice Lake area around an inch of snow,along with strong gusty winds which caused blowing snow.
Clip 1 and 2. Snow blowing off a roof as strong gusty winds hit, with snow falling.
Clip 3. Blowing snow with snow falling.
Clip 4. Heavy snow falling with blowing snow with a parked car.
Clip 5. Heavy snow falling with a snow covered truck.
Clip 6. A closer shot of the snow covered truck.
Clip 7. Heavy snow falling with trees in the background.
Clip 8.Snow falling with a flag blowing in the wind, along with a snow covered boat dock.
Clip 9. Closer look at the flag blowing in the wind with heavy snow falling.
Clip 10. Pine tree with heavy snow falling.
Clip 11 and 12. Snow falling with some snow blowing off the cabin roof.
Clip 13. Look back at same roof as seen in clips 1 and 2. Still some snow blowing off the roof.
Clip 14. Snow and blowing snow. Looking across a river.