Rice Lake, WI April Fools , here is some snow – 4/1/2016

April Fools joke? No, people around the Rice Lake area woke up to snow on the ground with snow falling this morning. Snow has also covered other parts of Northwestern WI this morning. Will April snows bring may flowers? time will tell.
Clip 1. A shed with snow starting to stick to it. With light snow falling.
Clip 2. Snow covered grass with snow falling.
Clip 3. Snow covered bushes and tree branches.
Clip 4. Closer shot of clip 3.
Clip 5. Small leaves covered in snow with some snow/sleet falling.
Clip 6. Truck covered in snow.
Clip 7. Trees and houses with snow on them with snow falling.
Clip 8. Pine trees covered with snow along with snow falling.
Clip 9. Snow fence with snow on it.
Clip 10. Closer shot of snow on the snow fence.
Clip 11. Buds with snow on them.
Clip 12. Snow falling with some fog. Looking across a river.