Severe Winds & Hail Hit Maryville, MO – 3/23/2016

The same storm system responsible for the massive hammering of snow that buried Denver had severe weather on the front end across portions of Nebraska, Missouri, and Iowa.  High winds and hail were the main threats of the day as numerous storms went up across the region.  Reports of damage included trees down and a semi on I-35 in northern Missouri that was blown off the highway.  Within 24 hours, this same area will be experiencing winter weather as snow is expected to move into the area overnight with light accumulations possible across northwest Missouri.

Maryville, MO is in extreme northwest Missouri in Nodaway County.  Package shot near town along US Highway 71.

Scene 1: POV driving shot approaching storm.

Scene 2-3: POV driving shots in blinding rain and winds that were over 60mph.

Scene 4: Shot of car pulled over on the side of the highway.

Scene 5: Shot holding camera out window while driving as winds blow across the road.

Scene 6: Shot of rains being blown across road.

Scene 7: Shot of wind-whipped rains blowing through trees.

Scene 8: Several vehicles driving through the rain and wind.

Scene 9: Shot of passing car in high winds.

Scene 10: Rain and some hail starting to fall in the wind.

Scene 11: Hail starting to cover Highway 71.

Scene 12: Car driving away as hail falls heavier.

Scene 13-14: Shots of rain and hail falling on Highway 71.

Scene 15: Hail falling in a nearby field off Highway 71.

Scene 16-19: Shots of hail in the field as it is falling.

Scene 20: Quick shot of some hail drifts on the side of Highway 71.

Scene 21-22: Driving shots of hail curtains on the backside of the storm.