Eastern Denver Colorado Extreme Blizzard Conditions – 3/23/2016

Extreme Blizzard conditions on the east side of Denver, CO near the Denver International Airport as traffic is at a stand still in whiteout conditions with numerous accidents.

Clip 1 Opening scene of jack knifed semi truck on E-470 near Denver International Airport.
Clip 2 Traffic stopped on E-470 because of truck.
Clip 3 & 4  On ramp to I-70 and Tower Ave near Aurora, CO stopped due to blizzard conditions.
Clip 5 Stuck traffic on 120th Ave east of E-470.
Clip 6 Construction workers leaving job site near Southlands Mall in Centennial, CO.
Clip 7 Accident on East Bound lane of E-470 near Denver International Airport.
Clip 8 Heavy snow on trees on 120th Ave.
Clip 9 Whiteout conditions on 120th Ave heading out onto the Eastern Plains north of DIA.