Heavy Snows in Madrid, IA – 3/19/2016

An upper level low pressure system brought snow to portions of Iowa today. At 3:40 this afternoon a small band of heavy snow moved through the Madrid, IA area. The snow lasted for about 15 minutes before ending. Around 1 inch of snow stuck to grassy surfaces. By this evening most of the snow has already melted.

Clip 1 – Wide angle shot of heavy snow falling.
Clip 2 – Close up shot of a front flower bed as the snow fell.
Clip 3 – Close up shot of the snow falling on a pine tree.
Clip 4 – Zoomed in shot if the snow melting on a padio as it fell.
Clip 5 – Zoomed in shot of the heavy snow falling with a car.
Clip 6 – Zoomed in shot of the snow sticking to the tree in a yard.
Clip 7 – Zoomed in shot of a robin not really enjoying the snow so much.