Big, Heavy Wet Snowflakes in Southern IL – 3/20/2016

The first day of Spring brought nearly the opposite across southern Illinois as Freeze Watches and Warnings were in effect for most of the region.  But those alone weren't enough, Mother Nature welcomed the new season with a morning blast of big, fat snowflakes that sent those up and about seeking coats on their way out the door.  While the snow did come down heavy, recent warmth prevented much accumulation on roads and other surfaces, although a wet dusting occurred in many grassy areas.

Video package shot in and around Marion, IL which is about two hours south/southeast of St. Louis and an hour north of Paducah, KY.

Scene 1: Opening shot from inside a car with snow covering the windshield and wipers coming on to clear the wet snow off.

Scene 2-3: Establishing shots of the Marion, IL water tower near I-57.

Scene 4-5: Tight shot and wide shot of big snowflakes coming down heavy over blooming vegetation; pink, white, and yellow flowers on trees.

Scene 6-7: Shots of very heavy falling snow against trees.

Scene 8: POV driving shot down Rt. 13 in Marion in the falling snow.

Scene 9-10: POV driving shot of black car, wide then tight at wheels with splashback.

Scene 11: Shot of vehicles driving through snow on a road.

Scene 12: Car driving through frame as heavy snow falls against trees.

Scene 13: Shot looking down snowy street as traffic drives away.

Scene 14: Shot of blooming vegetation as a car drives through frame.

Scene 15: Shot of vehicles driving in snow in town.

Scene 16: Wide shot of traffic in heavy falling snow on Rt. 13.

Scene 17: Shot of car with big flakes falling as it pulls out of an intersection.

Scene 18: A couple in winter jackets walking in the snow.

Scene 19: Two men standing near a red car in the heavy snow as a third walks by.

Scene 20: Man walking to a car and opening the door in the snow.

Scene 21-25: Shots of people in a grocery store parking lot walking through the heavy falling snow.

Scene 26: Shot of two cars with snow covering them.

Scene 27: Shot of heavy snow falling against a brick building.

Scene 28: Shot of yellow bush in the heavy snow.

Scene 29: Shot of budding tree in the heavy falling snow.

Scene 30: Shot of pink blooming tree in the heavy snow.

Scene 31: Shot of wet snow dusting on the ground.

Scene 32: Low angle shot of wet snow on the ground with snow falling.