Evant, TX Severe Hail Storm – 3/8/2016

After a rough morning across central and northern Texas, late afternoon heating combined with leftover fuel gave birth to several supercell storms west of Waco, Texas late in the afternoon on Tuesday. One storm near Evant, TX (about 60 miles west of Waco) became the dominate cell of the day, dropping hail upwards of 2-inches in diameter.

Video package shot near Evant on US-84 in extreme northwest Coryell County.

Scene 1: POV driving shot approaching storm.

Scene 2: Driving shot of ragged lowering clouds.

Scene 3-4: POV shots driving in falling hail.

Scene 5: Shot of hail falling on US-84 with excellent SOTs of hail hitting road and hail hitting car.

Scene 6: Shot of hail hitting nearby field.

Scene 7: Zoomed in shot of hail hitting water in a ditch and splashing up.

Scene 8: Heavy falling hail starts covering US-84.

Scene 9: Heavy falling hail splashing in ditch water.

Scene 10: Shot of hail on the highway.

Scene 11: Shot of heavy falling on US-84.

Scene 12-13: Shots of a semi truck pulled over to ride out hail. Wide shot of truck with hail covering road, then tight shot of hail bouncing off the hood of the truck.

Scene 14: Another semi truck pulled over, shot from behind.

Scene 15: Several hailstones compared to golfball and a lime. Size measured at 1.5\", had melted after storm. Estimates of 1.75\" hail falling during storm.

Scene 16: Two hailstones compared to golfball.

Scene 17: Shot of several hailstones and a penny.

Scene 18: Shots of hail in hand.