Strong Storms in Southern IL, Hydroplane Accident – 2/20/2016

Strong storms plowed across southern Illinois Saturday evening with lightning and heavy rain, prompting severe thunderstorm and flash flood warnings.  Doppler radar estimated as much as three inches of rain fell as the storms moved through.  Temperatures in the 70s earlier in the day help fuel these early season storms.

Video package is in three parts, includes footage from Mt. Vernon, Nashville, and Sparta, all in southern IL.  See description for specifics on shots for each location.

PART 1 (0:00-1:21): MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS

Scenes 1-3: Shots of lightning on approaching storm.

Scene 4-6: POV driving shots in heavy rain along I-64 going into Mt. Vernon with flashes of lightning and cars driving with emergency flashers.

Scene 7-8: Traffic on one of the main roads in Mt. Vernon splashing water as they go by.

Scene 9-11: Parked car in high waters.


Scene 12: POV driving shot along IL-127 in Nashville, IL.

Scene 13: Oncoming car in heavy rains in Nashville.

Scene 14: Shot of oncoming car along IL-127 in Nashville driving through heavy rains.

Scene 15: Shot of heavy rains falling with the Nashville water tower and a flash of lightning.

Scene 16: Car driving in heavy rains.

Scene 17-20: Shots of vehicles at a gas station in the torrential rains.

Scene 21: Vehicle turning into gas station in the rain.

Scene 22: Shot of intersection in town in heavy rains with traffic.

Scene 23: Woman runs through gas station parking lot to car in the rain.

Scene 24: Shot of heavy rains in street light.

PART 3 (3:26-5:11): SPARTA, ILLINOIS

This part covers a two-vehicle head-on collision caused due to the woman in the pickup truck hydroplaning into the black car.  This accident occurred directly behind the photographer who the pickup truck was behind.  The black car passed, and the accident occurred immediately after.  After photographer checked on both drivers, called 9-1-1, and waited for emergency crews, he documented the accident scene.  The pickup truck driver was not injured, but the woman in the black car had to be cut out of the car, she was taken to the hospital via ambulance where her conditions was unreleased.  She was conscious and talking when photographer got to the vehicle.

Accident happened just before 8pm on Illinois Route 154 four miles west of Sparta.

Scene 25: Wide shot of accident scene in the rain.

Scene 26: Shot of black car with destroyed front end.

Scene 27: Shot of white pickup truck with smashed front end with ambulance.

Scene 28: Shot of pickup truck front end.

Scene 29: Wide shot of black car in heavy rain.

Scene 30: Fire fighters surround the car in the rain.

Scene 31: Shot of car with crews around it.

Scene 32-33: Shots of crews at black car.

Scene 34: Crews taking the injured driver from the car (cannot see driver with crews surrounding her).

Scene 35: Shot of car with road closed behind.

Scene 36: Shot of front of car destroyed.