Northern Minnesota Dangerous Cold – 2/13/2016

Video Package highlighting the Serious and downright brutal Cold Temperatures and Wind Chills that are being felt as the Polar Vortex makes a new assault on the northern tier of the Country!

Video Footage includes:

1. Crosby Minnesota digital Bank Thermometer reading a deep -22F!

2-5 Various Digital Thermometers from Far Northern Minnesota reading near -20 Below Zero!

6. The days frigid sunrise over a frozen Serpent Lake with a vivid and massive Fire Breathing Dragon doing little to heat up the air at -25!

7-9 Sunrise in real time over a hazy frozen lake in Northern Minnesota at -25F.

10. Car Exhaust freezing to the side of vehicles at -25 in Crosby MN.

11. Steam rises from a still open water small creek.

12-14. Steam rise from the creek freezing vegetation as the sun rises into the shot.

14. Local Crosby Minnesota traffic and cold downtown scenes.