Interstate 78 Multiple Vehicle Crash Pile Up Lebanon County, PA 2/13/2016

More than 40 vehicles were involved in a multiple vehicle pileup on the W/B side of Interstate 78 just after mile marker 82 in Bethel Township in Lebanon County, Pa on Feb 13, 2016.

Scenes 1-5 : Footage of multiple wrecked vehicles on W/B I-78

Scene 6: Tow truck backing down roadway

Scene 7-8: Multiple wrecked vehicles

Scene 9: Emergency personell by vehicles on roadway

Scene 10: Penndot truck driving by spreading salt

Scene 11: Crashed Ford by semi truck

Scene 12-13: Logo of Pennsylvania State Police on cruiser

Scene 14-15: Fire police directing traffic off of I-78

Scene 16: More than 2 mile backup of traffic on I-78