Steele County, MN BLIZZARD – 2/2/2016

The blizzard warning continues for southern Minnesota as the high winds are blowing around the snow. Combined with the glare ice on the road surface, travel is not advised.

Clip 1 Snow plow driving past on I35

Clip 2 – 3 MN State Troopers help a motorist out that was stuck at the top of a exit ramp near Geneva, MN

Clip 3 – 7 Semi Truck blocking the Entrance to Interstate 35 near Geneva MN with Troopers on the scene as crews work to clear the accident.

Clip 8 – 9 Semi truck flipped over in the ditch on Interstate 35

Clip 10 Semi truck in the center ditch on Interstate 35

Clip 11 Semi truck facing the wrong way on Interstate 35 in the center ditch

Clip 12 POV Blowing snow

Clip 13 POV Gang Plowing in Interstate 35