Minneapolis & Saint Paul, MN Winter Storm During Afternoon – 2/2/2016

Video Footage of the significant Heavy Snow Storm directly impacting the Twin Cities Metro Area at Peak of Evening Travel Commute.

Footage Includes:

1. Wrecker pulling a stuck SUV out of the interstate ditch after Spin Out.

2. Wrecker Winching on the stuck SUV and getting stuck itself spinning tires!

3. Car doing a complete 360 degree spin out right in front of the camera and than driving down the wrong way backwards!

4. Tow truck pulling car out of ditch.

5. Severe traffic jams with heavy snow and stand still traffic.

6. People wearing face masks walking and struggling to stay standing in the strong winds and blinding snow and even nearly fall over!

7-13 Snow plow POV\'s wide and tight from around the Twin Cities during the peak of the storm.

14. Wind driven heavy snow on the landscape.

15. Snow covered Ducks struggling to keep dry in the storm!