Siesta Key, FL Extreme winds causing major beach and sand erosion – 1/23/2016

One week after getting hit by an EF2 tornado, Siesta Key in Sarasota Florida is getting pounded by cold gale force winds causing drifting sand that looks like snow, huge destructive surf, significant damaging beach erorsion. One road sand filled road is impassable.

Shot list:

1) Woman walks beach in heavy coat, hat and scarf sheilding her face from cold wind and blowing sand.
2) Beach front home getting pounded with waves.
3) Tight shot of wave slamming seawall of beach front home.
4) Hugh raging surf on the Gulf of Mexico at Siesta Key.
5) Wind blasting palm by beach home.
6) Wind driven sand blows on Beach Rd.
7) Real estate sign blowing horizontal.
8) Wind blowing tarp.
9) Real estate sign blowing horizontal and mailbox door blowing open and closed.
10) Wind driven sand blasting beach lounge chairs.
11) Wind driven sand blasting US flag.
12) Wind driven sand and man behind fence sheilding his face.
13) Vortex of wind driven sand building a pointed drift behind beach chair.
14,15,16) Blowing and drifting sand and beach lounge chairs.
17) Drifting sand curving along wall.
18-23) Six shots of a car stuck in a sand filled Midnight Pass Rd. Car getting sand blasted.
24) Tight shot of mailbox door in wind blowing open and closed.
25) People watch surf erode the beach from beach stairs.
26) Looking down stairs as water comes up to first step.
27,28) Two pan shots of damaged walkway fence posts ripped out by surf.
29-35) Seven shots of beach erosion at Turtle Beach on Siesta Key.
36) People walking through wind blown beach grass.
37) People walking the beach looking cold in wind and blowing sand.
38) Palm trees blowing hard.