Dale City Virginia Blizzard – 1/23/2016

Historic blizzard slamming Mid-Atlantic region: footage from Dale City, Virginia and Washington D.C. as blizzard unfolds. Multi-car accident on I-95 ramp in Dale City, VA.

All footage shot during evening darkness on January 22, 2016 in/near Dale City, VA and Washington D.C.

Shot List:

1-5. Various shots of multi-vehicle accident on I-95 highway ramp in Dale City, VA

6. shot of road crew member working to block traffic at the scene of a multi-vehicle accident in Dale City, VA

7. pushed-in shot of couple walking in heavy snow with low visibility near Dale City, VA

8. POV of near white-out conditions on I-95 near Dale City, VA with traffic and snow-covered highway

9. show of high winds blowing snow with heavy snow falling in Dale City, VA

10-14. various shots of heavy snow with high winds blowing snow in Dale City, VA

15. POV shot of police car with damaged car on side of I-95 in Washington D.C.

16. POV shot of people trying to move stranded car after accident on I-95 in Washington D.C.

17-20. various shots of snow plows clearing highways around Washington D.C. and Arlington Virginia

21-24. various shots of neighborhood street with cars covered in deep snow with heavy snow falling in Washington D.C.

25. shot of Washington Monument with very heavy snow falling in Washington D.C.

26 and 27. shots of electronic highway signs warning of blizzard and icy conditions on I-95 near Washington D.C. with heavy snow falling

28-32. various shots of traffic with heavy snow falling with low visibility near Washington D.C. and Arlington Virginia