Predawn Heavy Snow in Marshall County, KY – 1/22/2016

Heavy snows overnight into the early morning hours hammered parts of western Kentucky in the hours following freezing rain that left a thin layer of ice across many surfaces.  Snowfall rates of 2-3 inches per hour were common, leading up to half a foot of snow in just a couple hours time.  Winds gusting up to near 30mph combined with the fast falling flakes lead to visibility near zero at times.  Kentucky road crews were out in full force trying to clear the roads, but were having a nearly impossible time keeping up.  Several accidents and spin outs resulted from the poor conditions.

Video package shot along I-24 in Marshall County, Kentucky, east of Paducah in the western part of the state.

Scene 1-2: Establishing shots of an I-24 overpass with signs in heavy snow with semis parked.

Scene 3: Cop blocking an exit ramp from I-24.

Scene 4-8: Shots of a semi truck that went off a ramp from I-24.  A tow truck was attempting to pull it back on to the road.

Scene 9: Semi truck off in the distance with very heavy snow falling.

Scene 10-11: POV driving shots following a snow plow in the very heavy snows.

Scene 12: Snow plow in the distance sitting in the snow.

Scene 13: Wide shot of snow plow with heavy snow in a street light.

Scene 14: Panning shot of a snow plow on I-24.

Scene 15: Traffic driving through heavy snow on I-24.

Scene 16-19: POV driving shots in very heavy falling snow.

Scene 20: Oncoming semi at a truck stop with high winds blowing snow and heavy falling snow.

Scene 21: Snow plow oncoming at a I-24 truck stop.

Scene 22-23: High winds blowing snow off the top of a parked semi truck.

Scene 24: Man walking against the wind in heavy falling snow.

Scene 25: Snow blowing sideways across street light.

Scene 26-27: Shots of snow in street lights.