Freezing Rain in Western KY – 1/22/2016

A major winter storm is taking aim on the Midwest and East Coast.  Freezing rain began across portions of western KY just before midnight on Thursday and immediately began to coat surfaces in a sheet of ice.  Within an hour, nearly 1/10th inch of ice had coated surfaces around the region.  The changeover is expected to occur overnight with these areas receiving upwards of 10-inches or more by storm\'s end with the layer of ice underneath.  Winter Storm Warnings are in effect for the area through Friday night.

Scene 1: SOT describing how in 45 minutes, ice covered the warm hood of a vehicle that had been driven around and was running.

Scene 2-3: POV driving shots in freezing drizzle.

Scene 4: Shot of flags blowing in 25mph winds with freezing rain falling in street lights.

Scene 5-6: Shots of red car covered in a layer of ice.

Scene 7: Shot of blue hood covered in layer of ice.

Scene 8-9: Man scraping ice from windshield of his truck.

Scene 10: Wide shot of car dealership with freezing rain falling.

Scene 11: Tighter shot of lights with freezing rain falling.

Scene 12: Camera man running foot across layer of ice on concrete.

Scene 13: Shot of ice-covered car antenna.

Scene 14: Freezing rain falling over a branch with a glaze of ice.

Scene 15: Freezing rain falling in headlight.

Scene 16-17: Van driving in light freezing rain.