Sarasota FL Tornado and Storm Damage 1/17/2016

Overnight tornadic waterspout came in from the Gulf of Mexico over Siesta Key and into the mainland causing damage. Weather footage during event with and damage. Damage scenes at TC 1:38.

Shot List:
1) On north Siesta Key when tornado warning issued. Tornado alert on audio.
2) Green power flash in sky.
3,4) Wind driven rain and weather radio alert on audio on Siesta Key.
5,6) Palm in heavy rain and lightning.
7) US flag in wind rain lightning.
8) Palms in wind heavy rain.
9) 7-11 sign in heavy rain.
10-16) Scenes from Siesta Village on Siesta key. Wind driven rain and road flooding.
17,18) Large tree down in front of home on Meadowood St.
19,20) Lounge chair in road with sign flattened.
21) Border Ln street sign bent over.
22) Road blocked with tree debris with emergency vehicle behind.
23,24) Road block with tree debris and heavy rain.
25) Sheet metal debris wrap on street lamp post.
26) Misc debris in road.
27) Border Ln blocked with debris.
28) Mailbox in drive way.
29,30) structure debris and power lines down.
31) Structural debris in driveway.
31,32) Power lines down 2nd angle.
33) Sheet metal hanging from power line.
34) Misc debris in road.
35) Utility truck on US41 working damaged power lines.