Interstate 70 – Snow and Greesy driving at the Eisenhower Tunnel, Silverthorne, CO

Footage of the snow covered roads and less then ideal driving conditions for those who took a three day weekend with the MLK holiday to go skiing in Colorado.

Footage shot on Interstate 70 at the Eisenhower Tunnel.

Clip 1 Low shot of traffic towards the camera with the Winter Driving conditions slower speed advised sign in the back ground.

Clip 2 Traffic going into the tunnel.

Clip 3 Snow falling with trees in the back ground (wide shot).

Clip 4 Snow plow driving past on I70.

Clip 5 Wide shot one of the mountains with snow falling.

Clip 6 Tight shot of snow falling with the pine trees in the background.

Clip 7 Road Icy, Slower Speeds Advised sign.

Clip 8 POV shot driving in the snow on I70.

Clip 9 POV driving into the tunnel.

Clip 10 POV Driving out of the tunnel.

Clip 11 Longer clip driving highway 6 on the pass back to I70 from Dillon, Colorado.