Downtown Fenton, MO Record Flood – 12/31/2015

Water along the Meramec River in the southern parts of the St. Louis crested early Thursday morning and receded nearly three feet by nightfall.  However, flooding was extreme in the downtown area flooding out numerous homes and businesses.  Some structures had flooding that only left their roofs showing above the water.

Video package shot in the downtown area of Fenton near MO-30 which remained closed as of Thursday night.

Scene 1-2: Shots of Fenton city sign in flood waters.

Scene 3: Two buildings with flood waters rising up to their second stories.

Scene 4-5: Shots of a downtown intersection with water nearly up to the traffic lights.

Scene 6: A building roof sticking out of the flood waters as the rest of the building is completely flooded.

Scene 7: A police car sits in front of a barricaded flooded road.

Scene 8: Gas station and bank sign in flood waters.

Scene 9: Wide shot of flooded bank.

Scene 10: Medium shot of flood waters halfway up bank front door and windows.

Scene 11: Tight shot of bank door showing sign alerting customers to its closing due to emergency.

Scene 12-13: Medium and tight shot of bank ATM in flood waters.

Scene 14-15: Wide and tight shot of Dairy Queen with a girl pushing water out the front door.

Scene 16: A vehicle in the flood waters and all you can see is the roof.

Scene 17-18: Medium and tight shot of submerged SUV in flood waters.

Scene 19: BBQ restaurant in flood waters.

Scene 20: Tight shot of BBQ restaurant.

Scene 21: Backside of BBQ restaurant.

Scene 22: Shot of animal groomer and vet in flood waters.

Scene 23: Tighter shot of pet hospital.

Scene 24: Shot of animal hospital with water nearly overtaking the door.

Scene 25: Business with water halfway up the windows.

Scene 26: Shot of business and house with water halfway up the first story.

Scene 27: Wide shot of several homes and a van in very high flood waters.

Scene 28: Tight shot of submerged van and house in flood waters.

Scene 29: Shot looking down the street at van and several homes.

Scene 30: Shot of house with nearby street light.

Scene 31: Shot of house with water halfway up first floor.

Scene 32: Wide shot of house and the street is it next to.

Scene 33-34: Medium and tight shot of van parked in front of yellow house, both in flood waters.

Scene 35: Grey house in flood waters.

Scene 36: Mobile homes in flood waters.

Scene 37: Orange house in flood waters.