Fenton, MO Meramec River Record Crest – 12/31/2015

The Meramec River in St. Louis crested at record level 44.11 feet Thursday morning, nearly 5 feet over the previous record.  River floods closed Interstates 55 and 44 on the south side of St. Louis, both which remained closed due to high waters as of Thursday afternoon.  Travel across southern St. Louis was extremely difficult due to all the flooded out roads.

Video package focuses on the residential areas in Fenton, along with closure signs, and some shots of the I-44 flood from interstate level.

Scenes 1-3: Various shots of MO-DOT signs warning drivers of the closures of I-4 and I-55.

Scene 4: The I-55 exit blocked and closed due to flooding.

Scene 5-6: Water partially blocking parts of I-270 near Fenton.

Scene 7: Two semi trucks sitting with flood waters moving underneath.

Scene 8: Shot of power poles submerged halfway in flood waters in Fenton.

Scene 9: The Fenton exit sign on I-44 completely flooded out.

Scene 10-12: Wide shots of water rushing over I-44 with businesses flooded out in the background.

Scene 13: Shot looking down I-44 into the flood zone.

Scene 14-15: Shots of flooded I-44 in Fenton taken from I-44.

Scene 16-17: Barricades and road closed signs in front of Meramec Valley Center.

Scene 18: Business building with flood waters surrounding it.

Scene 19: Shot of business park sign flooded.

Scene 20: Speed limit sign in flood waters.

Scene 21: Pickup truck driving through flooded road in Parkside Acres subdivision in Fenton.

Scene 22: Road closed signs in Parkside Acres with flooded homes in the background.

Scene 23: Shot of flooded homes in Parkside Acres.

Scene 24: Tight shot of mailbox in flood waters.

Scene 25: Shot of two homes in flood waters.

Scene 26: Zoom shot of glass door of a flooded home.

Scene 27-28: Stop signs at a flooded intersection.

Scene 29: Wide shot of flooded I-44/MO-141 junction.

Scene 30: Shot of flooded highway signs at I-44/MO-141.

Scene 31: Wide shot of flooded businesses in Fenton.

Scene 32: MO-141 highway sign with sign to gas station.

Scene 33: Flooded gas station.