Winter Storm on the Minnesota and Iowa State Line – 12/28/2015

The powerful winter storm hit the Iowa and Minnesota state line late this afternoon and brought near blizzard conditions to the area. Footage shot in Freeborn County MN and Worth County, Iowa.

Clip 1 Blowing snow as a Worth County Iowa snow plow drives towards the camera.

Clip 2 Just over the board in Freeborn County, Blowing snow and road sign pointing south to Des Moines, Iowa.

Clip 3 – 4 Very low visibility with blowing snow and the sign pointing to Des Moines.

Clip 5 Side camera shot while passing a snow plow on Interstate 35 just north of the boarder in Minnesota.

Clip 6 & 7 Cars on the side of the road in Minnesota at the junction of I90 and I35

Clip 8 Traffic on Interstate 35 at the State Line of Minnesota and Iowa.

Clip 9 Traffic heading north on Interstate 35 just north of the boarder.

Clip 10 MNDot Plows just north of the Minnesota state line.

Clip 11 Trees and snow in Minnesota north of the state line.

Clip 12 Blowing snow covering Interstate 35 just south of the state line in Iowa.

Clip 13 Truck in the ditch near Twin Lakes MN on I-35.

Clip 14 Plowing snow in I-35 north of Twin Lakes MN

Clip 15 Blowing Snow in Iowa just south of the state line.

Clip 16 MN State Trooper at the State Line watching traffic.

Clip 17 Blowing snow covering I-35 at the just south of the MN IA state line.

Clip 18-20 MNDot Snow plow near Twin Lakes, MN on I35

Clip 21- 22 Stop sign covered in snow near Twin Lakes, MN