Iowa City, IA Sleet Freezing Rain – 12/28/2015

Freezing Rain and Sleet begin accumulating on Dubuque and Gilbert streets in Iowa City, Iowa.

1. Sleet pellets bounce off a fire hydrant as a snow plow drives by.
2. A girl shovels the accumulating sleet off the sidewalk.
3. Iowa City sign glazed over.
4. Electric meter glazed in ice.
5. Ice glaze with traffic.
6. Sleet bounces off a rail.
7. Sleet pellets.
8. Sleet craters as it accumulates.
9. Sleet.
10. Sleet bounces off an awning.
11. Freezing Rain on barber pole.
12. Traffic with creepy santa.
13. Pedestrians brave the sleet storm.
14. Pedestrian with umbrella.
15. Girl on bike.
16. Snow plow.
17. River with minor flooding.
18. Path of snow plow on brick street.
19. Wind shield wipers extended.
20. Ice on lamp.
21. Ice on lamp close up.
22-24 Freezing rain before sunrise.