Duluth, MN Heavy Rain Winds And Fog – 12/13/2015

Video Footage of Strong Gale force winds and Heavy Rainfall along with Significant High Seas and Large Wave action on Lake Superior's West end as well as in the Duluth Harbor area this early December Evening.

1. 10 foot Waves crash into the sea wall near downtown Duluth with Skyline in the foggy background.

2. Large heavy seas on Lake Superior with 30MPH gale force winds.

3. Light House beaming in the Fog with a Tug Boat and a wind torn flag in the Duluth Locks.

4. December Surfing On the Lake Superior south shore as groups of local surfers brave the frigid typically now froze over waters all while the air temps were in the mid 40s near a mid December Record Warmth!

5. With a Strong El Nino in effect Surfing right before Christmas on Lake Superior under a Gale Warning and 10-14ft seas and balmy 40 degree temps.

6. Flag and trees bending and whiping in the winds.

7. People walking in the heavy rain and wind.

8-10. Cars driving in a very thick fog created by the warm air temps and cold marine layer while a very heavy rain fell on this unusual December day.